About FRST Club

The Brand Stand For Artistic Creation

‘FRST Club’ – A Group of artists who are with FRST FRST started FRST Club to let artists work more freely and present their works without restriction. Any young artist with his/her own faith can be supported. FRST products, space for exhibition, work support aid can be offered.

‘ART EXHIBITION HALL’ – Art exhibition space in FRST store FRST presents standing art exhibition in FRST store. Exhibitions of artists in FRST club rotate every month.
To present the authentic idea of the artist, there are no rules or limit for exhibition theme and form of work.
No admission as the exhibition runs in FRST store.

Collaboration – Co-work product with artist FRST will collaboration project with artists from various field, including FRST Club.
Products from those projects are expected to present and share artistic principle.