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710 is said to be mostly inspired by classical paintings and movies. In addition, she is a fraternal twin, and I work on many works to express "myself" in my work. At first she did a lot of work on twins. 'Twins', 'twins' and 'twins', expressing a somewhat bizarre and grotesque feeling in curves and lines, expressing luxury and eroticism.

When she looks at the twins, she sometimes sees them as homosexual codes or elements in the eyes of the audience who do not know the story of the artist. They are inspired by these areas, and the theme of love and sexuality is genderism (genderism) 'Various forms of humanity', 'sexuality', 'love', etc., which are inspired by the feast of Plato, and ' And other topics of human primitive and instinctive. Therefore, fetuses, twins, etc. often appear in part of the work, and pregnancy, men and women are the main subjects. In addition to this, it adds colorful and sensual materials such as fashion and beauty to the unique characteristics and personality of the work.

She studied what materials best match the subject and elements of the work. As a result, 'cosmetics' applied directly to the human body came to mind, and while making up, it came to my mind that the technique of makeup sometimes sometimes clearly distinguished gender, sometimes ambiguous.

- She wrote a paper based on his research.

(Research on intuitive expression of eroticism using cosmetics: Focusing on an insight on sexuality)

In addition, cosmetics were always carried by the artist, so there was a convenience of simply drawing after drawing a drawing book or paper from anywhere. The concept of "make up a drawing" is called "Makeup Drawing", "Beauty Illustration", and "Makeup Illustration". But it is a separate field from general fashion illustrations. Although there is an illustration genre of this name in the past, "make-up" that the artist works is an art work, not a "illustration artwork for commissioning" that goes into the package of make-up sales.

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‘free drawing : ABOUT LOVE'

710 Expresses the act and idea of ​​love, its artistic expression more flexibly through the combination of decorative elements and curves, surrealist ideas.
she mainly expresses the love of men and women, the theme of family affairs, emphasizes decadent but at the same time luxurious eroticism, and shows the combination of digital art and fine art using composite materials. In addition to pen drawing, digital painting and makeup techniques are attracting audiences to a unique and colorful sensual world. she makes her own work world of "makeup illustration" and "makeup drawing" by showing the shape of the work which was not previously through the makeup material of the color (coloring color), and she would like to introduce the work which was born in this way to more and more people.’

710's note

For me, "sex" is divided into two. It is a "castle" that depicts "sex" and love (sexual love) that divide sex. In that sense, "sex" in my work is an absolutely important part of the work's subject consciousness. I think "sex" and "love" are definitely in close relationship. It does not mean to draw sexuality as an obscene meaning. Based on various emotions, behaviors, and feelings about love, we give the identity in the work and visualize beautifully or intensely by reinterpreting it from the very individual point of view. S love, and the public 's perception of the pure, from stereotypes. There are many kinds of love in the world. It expresses the expression of love through various ways and helps to understand.
The aim is to introduce distorted perception and gaze of sex to new recognition through exhibition, to help more accurate perception, and to appreciate it as a beautiful artistic act and as a work of art

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